Karate Classes in Frisco TX

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Tiger-Rock’s unique blend of martial arts, life skills, and self-defense training offers an unmatched experience for kids ages 4 to 15:

  • Enhance focus and self-discipline
  • Build self-esteem
  • Acquire self-defense skills
  • Develop their athletic ability
  • Keep them active and healthy

Why Frisco Parents Choose Tiger-Rock For Their Kids

In-Person and ZOOM® Classes

Parents have the option of letting their child participate in live classes at our clean, safe academies OR in the comfort of their own home via live Zoom® classes.

Our positive impact

Many Tiger-Rock parents report to us that since their child started their training, they have seen a remarkable improvement in focus, discipline, behavior, and academic performance.

A fun, safe, and healthy activity

Martial arts is a safe and fun way to keep your child active and healthy. Kids get much-needed exercise in our action-packed and exciting taekwondo classes.

The benefits of Tiger-Rock Membership

  • Convenient class times—our kid’s martial arts classes are held in the afternoon. It’s the perfect after-school activity for kids!
  • We’re just as good as P.E.—in fact, if your child is a Frisco, Lewisville, or Prosper ISD student, they can train at Tiger-Rock and get P.E. credit!
  • Plus additional perks such as tournaments to build your child’s competitive spirit!

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