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Are you trying to find the perfect Frisco TX classes and programs for you and your family? Maybe you’re someone who started studying martial arts at a young age but you’re now ready to get back into it. Perhaps your children are young, but you’d like to expose them to this enriching experience at an early age. Whatever the case may be, know that you can trust Tiger-Rock Martial Arts in Frisco to help you get the most out of your karate classes.


Founded in 1983, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is currently one of the most well-known and successful martial arts programs in America. We have locations across the nation, and we’re unanimously considered one of the leaders in our industry. Each and every dojo we have is led by a team of certified instructors who have experience teaching students of all demographics. If you’re looking for a highly respected brand as well as old-fashioned, down-to-earth experts, this is the place for you.


We consider ourselves a family-friendly dojo, and we put that on display by making sure we have plenty of courses for both adults and children. These rigorous programs range from specific, action-packed fun for pre-schoolers to steady drills for senior citizens. Regardless of what stage you’re at in life, you’ll be able to get something out to TRMA. Our team of professionals wants everybody to benefit from what we’ve built. If you’re ready to get better physically or mentally, it’s never too late or soon to start your journey.


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Lapses in focus are frustrating happenings, everybody, experiences from time to time. Are you beginning to have some problems getting things done at work or around the house? Maybe your children aren’t succeeding in school and you know they’re capable of much more. When these things infiltrate your life and deter you from living a balanced and fulfilling existence, contact us. Martial arts is one of the best things you can do if you need to improve your concentration. We don’t believe in shortcuts, and we make sure each and every student is being mentally challenged.


Physical improvements are another byproduct of our programs. Have you been rapidly gaining weight and losing your sense of health? Maybe you’re currently battling cardiovascular problems and your doctors have suggested a class to start pushing your muscles. While you might feel like you’re already physically capable enough, you can always improve your capabilities. The striking and kicking drills we have for you will not only give you a greater sense of focus and confidence. You’ll also be able to joy extra flexibility, strength, and agility.


Self-defense is a huge part of our Frisco TX Karate classes. If you’re trying to make sure your kids know what to do when approached by a stranger, TRMA is the right place for them. We give all children in our Frisco dojo an age-appropriate rundown on danger awareness. Criminals and people with bad intentions are unfortunately a part of every neighborhood, city, state, and more. If you’re wondering how you should train your children so you can ensure their safety and capability, sign them up to our dojo today.


Taekwondo Training in Frisco TX


These are intense classes that give you the reps and training you’ll need to ward off danger. If you’re someone who frequently walks alone, you never know when an assailant makes approach you during your stroll. While this is never something anyone wants to go through, it’s imperative to have a plan if it ever takes place. Our high-intensity drills are available for our students who are looking for ways to learn how to defend themselves against an impromptu attacker.


Is your family passionate about competing? If you’re looking to sharpen your physical and mental skills while having a bit of fun in the process, check out our tournaments! These are nationwide events that give you access to other students with similar skill levels. Our trainers and instructors pit you against a peer and give you access to healthy competition. We believe that this is a gateway towards having a strong and reasonable sense of self. For more information, contact either one of our two locations for details.


At Tiger-Rock, we don’t want to destroy our students’ bank accounts with hidden fees and lose their trust. If you’re looking for martial arts classes that don’t have unnecessary surcharges while also avoiding long-term contracts, this is the place. You will be able to find professional training in Korean Taekwondo for affordable prices. Make the most out of your training by choosing TRMA as your dojo.


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Our Frisco TX Karate experts want all of our students to enjoy quality classes, and we’re always looking to improve. If you’re ready to start doing more with your physical and mental capabilities, contact us today or visit one of our two locations. Our staff is ready to help you find the perfect program for you and get your family on the road towards transformation. With Tiger-Rock behind you, you’ll have the guidance and expertise you need to grow and thrive to new heights.


Fun Facts About Frisco


  • The city of Frisco is the proud recipient of the 2006 Texas Recreation and Parks Society Gold Medal. We have over twenty parks around town!
  • Our unemployment rate is consistently under 1%, and we continue to add high-quality jobs to our community.
  • As a Dallas suburb, the city lies within Collin County and is a part of the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.
  • Frisco continues to be one of the fastest-growing towns in the country. With low real estate prices, safe communities, and a booming economy, Texans are beginning to take notice.
  • Frisco used to be a hub for farmers in Texas. It was a great place for both buying and selling, and to this day, we still have local farmers who still operate right here.
  • While we retain our rustic atmosphere, many of the institutions and buildings you see here today are fairly new. Most of the houses are under fifteen years old!