Build life skills, personal strength, and self-confidence with martial arts

Teens face unique personal and social challenges. However, these formative years offer an incredible opportunity for personal growth. These are the years that will shape the rest of their life. Therefore, it is important that teens learn valuable lessons that will build skills, strength, and confidence.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Frisco provides a positive, constructive environment that will help teens acquire the skills they need to reach their potential.

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It’s extremely common for teens to make hasty decisions without thinking of the consequences, often based on their emotions.

In our martial arts academy, teens will be taught that their first response may not always be their best. We teach them to evaluate their situation and make smart decisions rather than quick ones.

Over time, this process of decision making will become engrained and help the student in all areas of their life.


Even when they know that the alternative might be better, teens often take the easy way out of problems if and when they can.

In our academy, we emphasize the importance of staying in control and learning proper form, neither of which is possible without persistence and discipline.

Studying martial arts requires teens to pursue goals on a regular basis. With each skill they learn and each belt they earn they will have something representative of a goal they’ve achieved.

Both in and out of the academy, the regular pursuit of small goals will help teens learn the value of persistence. By showing goal-setting in this way, teens are provided with the tools they’ll need to set achievable goals in school, at home, and in life.

Building Confidence & Reducing Stress

Teens are hard on themselves, and they often struggle with self-esteem issues. It’s not uncommon for teens to feel inadequate, sad, and lonely.

Plus, this age group experiences a great deal of stress. Peer pressure, grades, and college applications combined with hormones and interpersonal issues can add up to a massive stress load for our teenagers.

In our academy, teens will learn that they have skills and capabilities that make them strong and resourceful—and use those abilites to make the most of themselves. Moreover, our lessons are a positive outlet for their stress, helping them to keep their anxieties under control.

In all, martial arts lessons can help teens get in control of their bodies and minds and help manage their anxieties. This will help build self-esteem and confidence over time.

P.E. Credit For Students

Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Frisco is an accredited off campus PE facility for Frisco, Lewisville, Little Elm and Prosper ISD’s.

Our students have fun, build skills and learn real world self defense all while earning their required PE credits for the lessons they are already attending.

See an academy staff member for information on how to enroll for your school.

Improvement in physical fitness and staying active

Teens seem happy spending their days sitting on the couch playing games or tending to their social media. This epidemic with electronics might be great in many ways, but teens still need physical activity to stay fit and healthy.

Martial arts gives teens fun and challenging workouts in a social setting that rivals any video game.

Moreover, martial arts can help teens maintain a healthy weight by combining intense cardiovascular exercise with muscle toning. Through consistent training, teens will drop pounds and get in shape.

Our instructors stress the importance of good habits, like a healthy diet and exercise, to give the teens the tools they need to lose weight and keep it off.

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