3 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Listening

Do you ever feel like your child just doesn’t listen?  It’s something that we hear all of the time. Children are present focused, and once they are involved with watching TV, readying a book, on their device or playing with friends they tend to tune everything else out. Here are 3 quick tips to help ensure that your child listens and better understands you.

1. Focus their eyes: Get in front of them, face to face with them, and kneel to their height if needed.

2. Focus their mind:  Children always ask “Why?” This is a great opportunity to tell them “why” what you have to say is important.

3. Focus their body: Remove any distractions that they might have in front of them. i.e.: Gaming device.

Learning to Listen better is just one of Tiger-Rock’s award winning successful 7 social and emotional skills that our Tiger Cubs get to practice and learn. Contact one of our staff professionals today in order to schedule your free appointment and try out our program!