Are you a busy person with a hectic schedule? There could be any number of things that you need to do in the day. They require your time, and sometimes you can’t decide when that is. A lot of the time, martial arts programs don’t offer a degree of programs that can fit your schedule. They can be rigid with only a few specific classes for you to choose from. At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts we can work with you to create the best possible schedule to train. In our blog post today, we will explain how Tiger Rock can help you can find flexible scheduling just for you. We recognize that you have priorities and every one of them is important. Yet we also know that you want to train and build your physical skills, too. If you work with us, we’ll make sure you can do both without conflict!

Location Is Not A problem

If you feel as though you might be too far from a good dojo, don’t worry! With 20 locations around Texas, we can offer high-quality training to a variety of cities and people. We offer a membership that will allow you access to all of our academies so you can still train if you’re out of town. This way you won’t have to hassle driving far across the city just to train. Plus, we offer attendance privileges with our members so they can visit any class and train in however many they choose. This way you can get the most out of your time, and decide on which classes to attend.

We Can Get The Timing Just Right

Making sure that your work and your training don’t collide can be difficult. Other academies may not offer as many options or the ability to choose more than one class at a time. This can be challenging for the person who has a very busy and sometimes volatile schedule. You may not be able to depend on a constant routine or have orthodox training times. This is why we allow you to choose from multiple classes and programs. It’s also why we allow such flexible scheduling, too. At Tiger Rock, you’re able to create a routine that works for you, at any time. Whether you’re looking for that early morning buzz, or a lunchtime workout to pump the blood, we have options for you. Even if you’re only able to train at nights, we can set up your training at whatever time works best.

Contact Us To Set Up The Your Schedule Now!

There is always a good time for you to train martial arts. We just have to figure out when that is! Fortunately, we are prepared for whatever time you can free up. With classes at all times of the day and members attendance privileges, you can make your schedule exactly how you want it. We will work with you to make sure that you’re not wasting any time or losing any training. It’s important to us that you excel in all walks of life, not just in our classes. If you have a chaotic schedule and need specific training, Tiger Rock is the martial arts academy for you!