Are you interested in taking martial arts classes but don’t know which one is best for you? We offer a multitude of classes and programs to fit your desires. One of the more difficult issues in trying to find martial arts programs for you or your children. How many different classes are available? Is there a limit to what kind of training our classes can offer? These are important questions to ask. Yet when it comes to martial arts classes, the variety and quality of Tiger Rock Martial Arts guarantee an experience that is unmatched.

The Freedom to Learn

We host courses that allow you the chance to try your hand at Taekwondo, Self-Defense training, and even an anti-bullying education. There is a program ready for any age – an early childhood program, and a junior program for the older kids up to 16. From then, we have our adult programs, which are designed to strengthen your physical and cognitive abilities. The programs teach striking, kicking, blocking and even proper exercise forms. We can teach them the right habits that will make them successful in their body, mind, and spirit. The aim is for our students is to learn the right way, through passion and hard work. It can either be highly competitive, or thorough, dedicated to mastery by the help of our world-class instructors and systems. We try to make each of these options available and friendly, it is a challenge but we won’t let it intimidate you!

Our Systems Are Setup To Work Best For You!

At the earliest age, from 4 to 5 (and even 6) the curriculum we offer will teach your children a good foundation of balance, coordination, and symmetrical movements. The sessions are 30 minutes and have exciting challenges that will hopefully be the highlight of your child’s day. From 6 to 11, our junior classes start where our Tiger Cubs left off. We take the time to work perfecting the student’s physical abilities but we also recognize the need to teach self-discipline and confidence. Our classes will teach real-world skills that will stay with your child for a lifetime. When it comes to adults, we have extensive options that you can choose from that goes from age 16 and onwards. Only Tiger Rock Martial Arts can provide karate classes that offer such high standards.

Contact Us Now To Try One Of Our Programs!

That’s just the caliber we have at Tiger Rock Martial Arts. There’s a range of classes we offer that are specifically designed for children, young adults, and adults alike. You’re free to choose whatever fits you best. We’ll provide exceptional training by certified Masters, with a focus on quality over everything else. We aim to teach skills that can empower our students to new heights. We consider it a success if they learn tools to protect themselves and their loved ones. Tiger Rock strives to keep the atmosphere authentic, and aligned to our Tiger Rock Martial Art’s mentality. Our goal is to bring life-changing skills to you, without demanding that you go out of your way. We keep the intensity high, but still, have fun – this is your escape!