What Do The Belts Mean?

Tiger Rock Karate has a signature 15-step belt system. Students start out as a white belt and work their way through each belt color. Each step in this 15-step program means advancing to the next level for the student. This month we are going to take an in-depth look What Do The Belts Mean?

Step One

You have made the decision to put forth the effort and try this program. The White Belt means you are making the choice to develop the skills of a martial artist. You will demonstrate your choice by completing your first belt rank test.

Step Two

Commitment is what drives goals into realities. You are now a Yellow Belt and with that comes prioritizing your goals and committing to the journey of a martial artist. You will demonstrate your commitment by signing the Black Belt Pledge.

Step Three

This step is a Level 1 Green Belt. Consequently, you must learn that growth begins when you being to focus on your goals. This cycle, demonstrate your focus by giving up a weekly distraction and instead use that time to accomplish a goal.

Step Four

You are a Level 2 Green Belt and you learn that a strong belief builds confidence and resilience. This cycle, share a belief with your teammates about who you are and something that you are going to accomplish in the future.

Step Five

This Level 3- Green Belt allows you to appreciate the power of practice. During this cycle, you will show us how you used repetition to create a measurable difference in your ability to complete a task.

Step Six

Congratulations you are a Level-1 Blue Belt! You are going to challenge yourself by doing more than ever before. This cycle, complete a physical challenge that you didn’t think you could do.

Step Seven

This Level-2 Blue Belt is where you turn opposition into opportunity. This cycle, register for a competition that will test your skills up to this point in an area that you want to excel.

Step Eight

In order to accomplish goals in the future relies on how we did in the past. This Level-3 Blue Belt expects you to learn the importance of measuring your actions to identify both strengths and weaknesses. This cycle, conduct an evaluation of your skills to determine an area you excel in and an area that needs improvement.

Step Nine

Congratulations you are now trying for your Level 1-Brown Belt! You need to constantly observe your surrounding in order to make informed decisions. This cycle, try something new and use that very experience to improve how you see the world.

Step Ten

The Level 2-Brown Belt is the time to use observation to recognize what needs others have. This cycle, recognize and communicate the needs that exist in your community.

Step Eleven

You are now at the Level-3 Brown Belt where it is your responsibility to take action and recognize a need that exists. This cycle, participate in community service or charity that addresses the needs in your community.

Step Twelve

You are a Level 1-Red Belt and you are learning to collaborate with others. This will maximize your ability to influence positive change. This cycle, you will work with other Tiger-Rock students to achieve a common goal.

Step Thirteen

As a Level 2-Red Belt your ability to inspire begins with the ability to connect and communicate with others. This cycle, find a way to communicate your beliefs and ambitions to an entire audience.

Step Fourteen

You have made it to a Level-3 Red Belt! This is where you will start using your actions to define what being a martial artist means to you. During this cycle, you will find a way to let your actions send a message about your beliefs and ambitions.

Step Fifteen

Congratulations on your RISE to Black Belt! You are a member of an elite group of martial artists. Now it is time to put your skills to use. Black belts are built to lead and as a leader, you will transform the world around you. The skills that you have will give you the power to make a difference both on and off the mat. During this cycle, you will explain how you will use your Black Belt skills to transform the world around you.

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